Chimney Caps & Accs

Cen-Tex Fireplace Solutions

Chimney Caps come available in Galvanized, Stainless Steel, and Copper and come in a wide variety of sizes. Listed below are the most popular sizes.  Please call with any questions or for pricing if you don't see what you are looking for.

13"x13" Stainless Steel - $89.95

13"x18" Stainless Steel - $124.95

Custom Caps with removable top for easy service come in stainless steel and hundreds of sizes.

*Call For Price*

*Due to the very small difference in cost and superb quality the stainless steel provides we will no longer stock caps made of galvanized metal. However, they are still available as a custom order item*

 Traditional Grates

Made with 1/2" Steel

24" - $49.99

30" - 59.99

Factory Fireplace Grates

(Shallow Depth)

Made with 5/8" Steel

24" - $89.99

We stock the most common sized grates but can order any size needed for your fireplace and also offer 100% Stainless Steel grates for your outdoor fireplace thats exposed to the elements.

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