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Cen-Tex Fireplace Solutions


I started this company to provide an honest service in the community that I live in.  My first and main concern is your family's safety and not your dollar. I can not stress that enough! I know that I am not going to get rich doing this and really have no desire too.  I just want to provide a comfortable living for my family. Too many companies morals have been forgotten over the years and I want to bring that back. On Monday I'll be climbing on your roof to clean and inspect your chimney but then Friday night you may be sitting next to me at the Troy Trojans game or see me shopping at the market on Saturday. I guarantee that I will be the lowest price in town without sacrificing the quality of the job performed. My personal motto is that I treat every job as if it was my own home.  I never use a material or technique that I wouldn't use at my house.  If you are on a fixed income or just going through a rough time and your fireplace, wood stove, or gas log set is your main source of heat and can't afford to service or repair it. Then I still want you to call because in special cases I will perform the job to keep your family warm. You can then make payments as low as $25 a month until the balance is paid in full.

Like all industries, the fireplace industry is constantly changing.  We keep up to date with all the latest products and repair techniques.  We are also a proud member of the Temple Chamber of Commerce and look forward to serving the Central Texas area for many more years to come.

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