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Due to every home having a different style fireplace we have set our cost accordingly.

Our determining factors are travel time, 1 or 2 story home, & style of fireplace.

Along with every chimney sweep we also perform a National Fire Protection Association Level 1 inspection. We have a check list that we fill out as we go along and will leave you with a copy of it.


Common Styles Of Fireplaces

Factory Fireplace

Easy way to identify is by the metal frame around the exterior and also it will have panels made to look like brink instead of real individual bricks. On the roof there will be a round metal pipe with round cap.

Masonry Fireplace

The firebox will be made of real brick that has been layed 1 by one with mortar joints in between them.Most units will have a clay tile flue liner with a square or rectangular cap at the top.

Wood Stove

The unit is free standing in a room and has a single or double wall black pipe connected to it and running to the ceiling or exterior wall.

Wood Burning Insert

Unit fits into a fireplace and has a liner pipe running up the existing flue. On the roof you will see a round metal pipe coming up out of the orginal chimney flue with a round cap. *Slammer style units will not have a liner. Please read below*

Travel Time


Local = up to 30 mins driving 1 way.

Semi-Local = 31-60 mins driving 1 way

Out of Town = 61 mins and over driving 1 way.

*Determined using Google Maps starting at our warehouse. 10110 Bottoms Rd. Troy, Tx 76579*

1 or 2 Story Home


The length of Flue from the damper plate to the chimney cap is how we determine 1 or 2 story home.

1 Story = Up to 20 foot of flue

2 Story = 20 foot and over

1 Story Local Factory Fireplace - $150.00*

1 Story Local Masonry, Wood Stove, or Insert - $175.00*

2 Story Local Factory Fireplace - $175.00*

2 Story Local Masonry, Wood Stove, or Insert - $200.00*


1 Story Semi-Local Factory Fireplace - $175.00*

1 Story Semi-Local Masonry, Wood Stove, or Insert - $200.00*

2 Story Semi-Local Factory Fireplace - $200.00*

2 Story Semi-Local Masonry, Wood Stove, or Insert - $225.00*


Slammer Style Insert's

A "Slammer" was a very popular insert sold in the 1980s and early 90s. They have since beened banned

by the federal government to sell and install due to their design being very DANGEROUS. You know you have a "Slammer" when the insert fits into the firebox but DOES NOT have a liner pipe connected to it. Due to the risk involved of burnig this style unit we highly recommend they be removed & replaced with newer code appoved inserts. We will no longer be servicing "slammer" style inserts. We realized that by servicing "slammer" inserts we were actually doing a disservice to our community. Even though we explained the risk to our customers they continued to use them and put their homes in jeopardy of burning down. We apologized for any inconvenience.


* = 8.25% Texas Sales Tax


We also will perform a National Fire Protection Association Level 2 Inspection that includes going over the entire unit from bottom to top. We will check that all requred clearances are met. The structural condition is sound. All components operate as intended. Run a camera up through the smoke chamber and entire flue to ensure the unit is safe to use.

Local Inspection - $99.00*

Semi-Local Inspection - $125.00*


Chimney Caps come available in Galvanized, Stainless Steel, and Copper and come in a wide variety of sizes. Listed below are the most popular sizes.  Please call with any questions or for pricing if you don't see what you are looking for.

13"x13" Stainless Steel - $114.95

13"x18" Stainless Steel - $139.95

*If your flue does not come up a minimum of 2" above the crown then a leg kit will be required. Leg kits bolt to the cap and grips the inside of the flue to hold the cap on. Leg kits are $19.95 each.

Non-standard sized flues or multi-flued caps with removable top for easy service come in stainless steel & copper. They are available in hundreds of sizes.

*Call For Price*

*Due to the very small difference in cost and superb quality the stainless steel provides we will no longer stock caps made of galvanized metal. However, they are still available as a custom order item*

 Heavy Duty Traditional Grates

Made with 3/4" Steel

27" 6 Bar - $124.95

30" 7 Bar - $139.95

Factory Fireplace Grates

(Shallow Depth)

Made with 5/8" Steel

24" 6 Bar - $89.95

18" 5 Bar - $79.95

We stock the most common sized grates but can order any size needed for your fireplace and also offer 100% Stainless Steel grates for your outdoor fireplace thats exposed to the elements.

Refractory Cement Panel

42" x 24" x 1"

$225.00 each

*$75.00 labor charge to cut and install each panel*

Cre-Away Home Owners 1 LB Bottle

$19.95 each

Hanging Screen Set

18"-21" - $59.95

22"-24" - $69.95

26", 28", 30" - $74.95

For The Flues That Are Coated With 3rd Degree Creosote We Can Professionally Apply Industrial Strengh Cre-Away To Modify It To A Brushable Substance.

$75.00 per application

Interior Ash Dump Door

$39.95 each

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